Erle C. Ellis And Robert Walker's Overpopulation Is Not The Problem

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An essential key to life is reproduction. Though out the last couple of years, the world population has expanded in great amounts. There are many factors which are allowing approximately 7.3 billion people to survive on one earth. Some believe that in the upcoming years, we are inviting trouble for ourselves. Our world population is expanding every day and the earth is unable to keep up with all our every day activities. “Overpopulation Is Not the Problem” by Erle C. Ellis, “Overpopulation Is Not the Problem? Really?” by Robert Walker, “Overpopulation is Still the Problem” by Alon Tal and “The overpopulation myth” by Fred Pearce all discuss their opinions on the current issue of overpopulation. Both Walker and Tal believe we should recognize overpopulation as a serious issue and should not take it lightly. On the other hand, Ellis no longer believes this is true. According to him, there “is no such thing as a human …show more content…
Just as Walker disagrees with Ellis, Tal feels the same way. Tal argues the research done by Ellis in China is not the best basic to conclude overpopulation is not the problem. China has had its share with food crisis and has a one child policy to control its population. Therefore, the resources from China do not make sense. The problems created by overpopulation is not only food shortages, but many species are also becoming endangered. As Ellis had stated that social service is a main tool for us, Tal argues that the “rapid rise in populations also tends to sabotage basic social services” such as school, medical care, legal systems, transportation, and housing. However, basic upgrades such as bitch control, better social services and most importantly women empower can create a huge difference. Tal concludes with an opposite approach compared to Ellis. As Ellis had stated that we have nothing to worry about, Tal states that we should be aware that this is a “planet with limited

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