A Comparative Analysis Of Wall-E And Star Wars

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Genre or type of film- in what ways are they similar?

They both have a space theme.
In star wars earth is ruined earth.
They also share the theme of a futuristic film .
Technology is quite advanced compared
The idea that we will have robots later on is consistent between the two.

In what ways are they different?

Wall-E is more of a moral film
Star wars is about fighting and defended the universe.
The use of robots is different as well.
The tone in is not as serious in wall-E. Also more visual comedy in wall.

Setting- how are they similar?
How are they different?
The setting is similar is in both films as they are both set in a space type setting.

Both movies occasionally change setting.

They both have scenes on
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They are different. Some have different personalities, some are mischievous, helpful or jittery. The humans in Wall-E

The robot characters in Star Wars is unlike the robots in Wall-E most of them have no character and no expression.

Only a few have character, for example C3P0 and R2D2. C3P0 is usually scared at everything, is shaky, timid and ‘imprisoned’ by fear, but he is also loyal.

R2D2 is more of a humorous type of character it is a cheeky, humorous and playful character.

Film techniques- are there any stylistic features in common?

In both movies there is a lot of things going on so they both use a lot of wide shots and long shots
To capture the full gravity of what is going in the movie.
Also when the movie gets serious they provide close shots giving us eye contact with the character.
They also provide suspenseful music in the background foreshadowing that something is going to happen.

Any different features?

Wall-E is an animated film, while Star wars is made by real people.

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