Compare And Contrast Traditional School Vs Year Round School

Students should attend school year round because they will learn and experience more things , than being in school for four or five weeks out of every month. Doing school traditionally, makes people gain more and going to school for four or five weeks every month cause you to lose and lack more into things. They may say school isn’t fun or something , but it’s for their education so they can move on in life when they get grown. Stress can appear in both school from any subject. Just sit there and think about it , do he or she don’t like school because it’s boring or is it because they don’t care at all? What isn’t interesting or important to them does mean that isn’t not to others.

Traditional schools are divided into grades
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Throughout the week of school there is a list with food , that will be served on certain days throughout the week. Kids from elementary, middle, and high school, attend either school. Traditional schools have major testes in each school, that starts at a certain grade level. In elementary school they start testing in third grade through fifth grade. From the sixth grade through the eighth grade in middle school and from the ninth grade to twelfth grade throughout high school. For all the grades in elementary that start testing, their reading percentage is eighty percent, in math it 's ninety one percent, and in science its seventy five percent. Which is a reasonable percentage for elementary students. Middle school students test every grade, their reading score is a seventy two percent, math is a eighty two percent, and science is a seventy four percent. Which is a beneficial for middle school students, but it could be improve. Seventy one percent in reading , eighty one percent in math, and seventy six in science, high school students should at least be in the 90’s because being in the range of seventy percent to eighty two percent is something middle and elementary school students should score. In year-round schools all ages and grades are mixed together. Which makes their test scores between a certain percentage. Their math percentage was a sixty eight to seventy nine percent, reading was from seventy five to seventy nine percent, and in science it was sixty to eighty percentage. It should be higher than traditional schools because they go to school all year round . Also, because they have a chance to refresh their mind, and come to tutoring during any of their breaks. If traditional schools were able to do what year-round schools do, tutoring wise it would be for the

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