Beach Or Mountains Research Paper

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Eassy #1
Beach or mountains beach or mountains, I would stay in the mountains because there is so much more to do. The mountains have more to offer to your friends and family with four different seasons. When you live near the equator it is one tempter year around and it is always hot. You also have much more natural disasters.
When you live in the mountains you have a change in weather from cooler to hotter. This gives you different seasons, to do many activities: like biking, hiking, skiing, rafting, hunting, and ect. For me I love to ski, it all ways give me something to do all winter long. Then when summer comes around there are many more different activities.
The mountains are much more safe then the beach, because when you are closer
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Sand gets everywhere and thing are metal more likely to become rusty. This are also more likely to become sun damaged. The martians also have there bad parts, like if you do not like the cold then they are not for you. But more people live by the beach, so there are bigger crowds. But it is good not everyone likes to live in the same place, or do the same thing, so do what makes you happy.
The mountains are have more to look at. In the fall you can go left peeping. If you live on the beach, there is no real change. When living in the manintian you have stay active to make it fun. You can only go to the beach so much and play in the waves and go surfing. But living in both places you have goods and bads, it all depends on you as a person and how you want to
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I figure out how to see if a horse is lame. Then I figure it out, block the nervous and work up the leg from there. Because you never want to see a horse in pain. I learned so much, and became comfortable giving shots, taking blood, and suturing up horses. By the end of the two months that I worked with the vet, I have found a love and passion for caring for By the end of the two months that I worked with the vet, I have found a love and passion for caring for large animals.
Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be a vet. Because I have always have all ways loved working with animals. I have learned a lot about take care of animals, and when they are sore. This summer, I cut open tendons, sowed up lips, and suture up some horses gave many shots and found sore spots on their back.
In college I would love to go into pre vet. Because I love working with animals. When you work towered pre vet you can work on an animal's. I also want to major in animal science, because then you were doing many different animal care treatment

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