Compare and Contrast the Leadership of Steve Jobs with That of Fr Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta

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Steve Jobs and Father Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta were both exemplary leaders. In just 35 years, Steve Jobs took Apple Computers from a mere idea to a $380 billion dollar enterprise. Father Arizmendiarrieta educated and aided the first founders of the Mondragón Cooperative that today employs more than 80 000 people. Great achievements from two man who simply cannot be defined by any one “textbook” leadership style. It appears that in real life leadership theories may be applied in synergy, allowing the flexibility for a leader to adapt their style as the situation requires. Whilst Steve Jobs and Father Arizmendiarrieta were both effective leaders, one stands out. Father Arizmendiarrieta led a population to self-sufficiency and whilst never …show more content…
116). Father Arizmendiarrieta was a relationship orientated leader with high consideration. Barker (1997, p. 2) describes Arizmendiarrieta as a devoutly religious man intent on providing spiritual development for his parishioners. To achieve this, he needed to find them work at a time when none existed. His vision that education and community solidarity would create opportunities for every citizen inspired people to join his cause. Father Arizmendiarrieta was very much a servant leader, working only to achieve community goals. At seminary school he was taught that personal sacrifice was required to achieve social redemption for the community (Molina and Miguez, 2008, p. 288) and he followed these teachings devotedly.

In contrast, Steve Jobs’ behaviour emphasises initiating structure, he organised and defined groups (Dubrin 2013, p. 108) by specifying work to be conducted, establishing goals and setting expectations. The task related behaviours and attitudes of adaptability, direction setting, high performance standards, concentrating on members’ strengths, risk taking, hands-on guidance, asking tough questions and organising collaboration are aspects of initiating structure (Dubrin 2013, p. 110).

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