Compare And Contrast Of Mice And Men Book And Movie

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Of mice and Men
Novel vs. Movie
Have you ever watched a movie of a written book? There are many books that have movies to come with them. However, the movies usually has some difference compared to the book, but the concept and the majority are all the same. Of mice and men is one of those books. The novel and the movie have many similar features. At the same times, there are many differences that pop out at you, or are noticeable. The characters of the book and how they feel, act, and do can also portray how both are compared. Sometimes, the overall layout of the story is enough to show the many ways of how the book and the movie are different. Although they may look just like the other one’s copy, there are strong connections and differences
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The design, physical traits, and personality of major characters can prove the similarities and differences. Lennie small in the book is a physically large migrant worker. He was born with a disability which, long story short, makes him act childlike. He loves to touch small things, is kind, but too dumb to understand just how strong he his. He likes to pet soft things, which gets him to surprisingly a lot of trouble. Lennie in the movie, however, is actually not shown to be muscular. Although tall, he shown to look like a man crossed with a child’s face. Most of the details, however, are shown to be the same. Curley’s wife in the book is depicted as flirtatious young woman that the reader would probably first imagine her to be flirty and likes to be near men. It takes closer inspection to see that Curley’s wife is lonely. It takes less inspection to notice this in the movie of the book. The overall design can demonstrate the …show more content…
As a result, there were differences that the movie and the book had that made each literary work unique. At same time, based on the same story being told and the same plot being developed, the movie and the book had similarities. It is because of this that a compare and contrast can be made. The overall layout of the story can help say the similarities and differences between the book and novel. The characters of both the novel and the movie are also different. The way the characters think, act, feel, and do can express the compare and contrast between the two literary works. This is what makes each work of literature unique. It is this uniqueness that makes both fun to read and

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