Compare And Contrast Henry And Chris Kyle Essay

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Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL’s deadliest sniper, has over 160 documented kills. He and Henry Fleming, color sergeant of the 304th regiment, were very different. Although they both fought for the US, their experiences differed greatly, from why they joined, to what branch they were in, to which war they fought in.
Henry and Chris Kyle's’ reasons for joining the military affected their career and attitude in many ways. Chris Kyle wanted to join the military because of love for his country and he liked the idea of fighting. However, he was delayed due to an injury on his wrist from a rodeo. Henry wanted to join because he had dreams of glory on the battlefield. Henry did not really go through any training, and the beginning of his career was spent traveling to camp, where he was greatly respected by people, and waiting at camp, where they did not do anything. He was very prideful and entertained romantic notions of war. Chris Kyle, on the other hand, went into the extremely hard SEALs training, featuring Hell Week, during which he was determined to make it through. He once said, “That drove me — I did not want to fail” (Kyle 32). Chris Kyle had to have courage
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Henry joined what was probably the only branch open to him, the army. Chris Kyle went to several different enlisting stations before he decided to join the SEALs. Henry’s choice did not have anything to do with courage, just a desire for glory. He would have joined the army no matter which side of the war he was on. On the other hand, Chris Kyle wanted to fight and to help out his country, which does take courage. By joining the SEALs, Chris Kyle chose to help in one of the hardest ways possible; the SEALs training has about a ninety percent dropout rate (Kyle 27). Although the different branches showed their differences, the different wars they joined, in addition to the time, was the main

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