Compare And Contrast Football And Basketball

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There is one thing that every sport has in common, a ball. You are required to carry a ball, throw ball, hit a ball, pass a ball, and anything else that your body can do to put a ball in motion. Even though every sport has a ball many sports differ in various ways. Football and basketball differ in ways like: there fitness level, scholarship opportunities, and the equipment they must have to play the sport.. If someone wants to play a sport they must be in good shape but there are different types of shapes that you are required to be in if you want to be successful in an individual sport.
Different sports require different fitness levels. If someone is going to dedicate themselves to football they must be strong, fast and quick. In football
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It is necessary to have shoulder pads, pads on there legs, and cups. It is very important to enforce safety if an athlete is challenging almost 400 pound opponents. An athlete is also required to wear tight pants so the opposing team could not drag them to the ground by their loose clothing, and so there clothes will not fall or make make someone uncomfortable while playing. In the sport basketball an athlete is forced to wear loose clothes that allows them to be comfortable while you are running. An athlete runs so much in basketball that your legs need space. It is also necessary to wear ankle braces, knee braces, or knee pads. Ankle braces are extremely important because an athlete is shifting there feet so quickly and frequently that any unsupported movement could cause a serious injury. It is important to wear knee pads depending on what type of player you are. If you are on the floor frequently chasing balls or fighting for balls it would be helpful to support your knees for safety. One of the top injuries in basketball is tearing ACL. If you tear your ACL you are not out of sports for good, you will be required to go through surgery, therapy, and then wear a knee brace throughout your career in

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