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COMP Essay Although the rise of the Aztec and Mongol empires did not occur in the same time period or in the same region, they are still similar. The biggest similarities are that they both lived almost entirely off of tribute and relied heavily on their armies. However, these similarities also came with differences, like the fact that their armies used different strategies/weapons. Some other differences were that the Aztecs migrated to Mexico, whereas the Mongols were just unified where they already resided. Also, the Aztecs infused religious meaning with war, unlike the Mongols, whose religion was carefully observed. These similarities and differences were what made the Aztecs and Mongols who they were. Both the rise of the …show more content…
Their primary objective for the military was to extract tribute from subject peoples, whereas the Mongols primary objective was to gain control over land and people for expansion. However, both armies were used as a way to gain control and rule over a certain area. The third contributing factor to the rise of the empires was also a contributing factor to the fall of the Mongols. This factor was the social system. The Aztecs had social division and the Mongols had social unity, so they were opposite. The social division of the Aztecs accentuated the growing power of the aristocracy, so by 1500, the obvious amount of inequality in wealth and privilege was what characterized their society. This caused the lower classes to lose most of their ability to influence or control decisions. With the Mongol empire, it was different. They started out as a unified empire with courage, intense loyalty, and a strong diplomacy. The empire remained united for a long time, until mid-13 century, when family unity began to unravel their strong political structure. The most direct comparison that can be made about the empires is slavery. This can simply be identified as the direct comparison because the Mongol empire used slaves to the extreme, whereas in the Aztec empire, they weren’t used at all. In the Mongol empire, slaves were either captured during warfare or came to

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