Essay on Community Health Assessment

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Community Assessment
Kaplan University
Community Health Assessment HA560
Prof. Francine Banasiak
December 07, 2012

Section 1 presents a table reflecting the US Census data report on Orange County, California, while various graphs were used to show the weight status of the county’s adults, the percentage of those who are overweight or obese, and the weight status of children. On a personal note, I have noted the ways I have used the results of the assessment to improve my health concern. I have pointed in summary form about the assessment and what it entails to resolve the health issue. Section 2 summarizes the information I have discovered to this point relative to a similar assessment in Los Angeles
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With the help of my doctor, my family, friends, and co-workers, I am now eating the right of food-- more vegetables and fruits over meat. I now snack on fresh or dried fruits and vegetables instead of fries and hamburgers. I am doing more exercise by joining the local gym club, walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator at my office, and using my treadmill and exercise bike, instead of having them as merely for display. I have cut my time watching TV—it is turn-off during meals and the only show I now watch is the Lakers game. Recording my daily activities, food intake, and weight is helping me and my primary care physician closely monitor my weight and health improvements. My cardiologist has declared that my heart condition is now normal.
Orange County has done an extensive information campaign educating its residents to have better nutrition and doing more exercise that burns caloric intake. Television programs were launched highlighting food and fitness issues affecting the health of the local children. Various advocates (e.g., hospital providers and local health officials) have been doing home visitations to provide behavioral outreach and counseling. Public policies have been implemented to provide and develop more playgrounds and pathways for bicycle riders. Public schools have been curtailed in the selling or promoting junk foods and sweetened beverages. The fact is Orange County has instituted sustainability programs

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