Case Study: Community Engagement

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Adrian Herrera

December 4, 2017

LEPS-520-02-FA17: Community Engagement

Module 6 Assignment: Leading Through Crisis Case Study


Benjamin Kelso

Adrian Herrera

December 4, 2017

Community Engagement Case Study- Shooting of Laquan McDonald
The purpose to this memo is to provide information regarding the shooting of Laquan McDonald by the Chicago Police Department on October 20, 2014; as it relates to the relationship amongst the police force and the community. Events over the past several years involving conflict between the police and the community have generated considerable attention from the media, community, public safety entities and other law enforcement agencies including federal agencies. Furthermore,
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All members of the community are equally important and should be included when unfortunate incidents occur within their respective neighborhoods. Consequently, all law enforcement leaders must realize that sharing of information in essential to the public, business leaders, community members, etc., unless the information is confidential. By applying this approach, a system of transparency will come to surface and a rapport that influences partnship will be in existence. Additionally, today many individuals believe that they truly understand the job of a law enforcement officer. Hence, the ideology of Americans saying that they understand the risks and challenges that police face, and an equally lopsided share of police disagrees (PEW, 2012); needs to be broken. By focusing on the sharing of the information with the community, a breakdown of the notion of law enforcement duties are not hard and anyone can do it will begin to disappear. Thus, law enforcement leaders should share all non- confidential pertinent information as soon as time permits to avoid confusion and scrutiny form the public as seen with the Chicago Police Department when the video was release over a year …show more content…
In addition, to serve the community effectively and efficient the police force should attempt to share all pertinent information which is affecting that community so that members of the community can interact and provide resources to the police to achieve the goal of promoting safety and security for the community. Thus, public safety leaders must establish and while maintaining transparency, so the building blocks of trust are continuing to develop with the community. Hence, all involvement form all entities and trust are essential elements in order to overcome tragic scenarios which will arise in the communities. Though interactions and partnership amongst the community and public safety leaders the community will be a better place to work and live.

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