Police Brutality And Trutality

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Police brutality and excessive use of force has been a challenge in the American society. The displayed information involves a news post by the Huffington Post. The February 03, 2015 publication was about a man who was fatally shot by LAPD after he attempted to reach for a rookie cop’s gun. According to the article, the police had tried to talk to the man concerning a crime that had taken place around the area (Huff Post 1). The man was a homeless person, who refused to respond to the questions of the police, but instead reached for the gun of a police officer, before two other police officers opened fire on him, and wounding him severely. This information was in a way to highlight police actions as to whether they were appropriate, or it …show more content…
The information is a protest of an action because it shows the controversy between the police department and the youths in Los Angeles, which led to chaos. According to the information above, there is a big question about the relationship between the LAPD and the public in California. The piece of information shows how the police department under unknown circumstances kills most people in Los Angeles. In the Information, both the police department and the public give their views about the shootings. The police department explains how most youths in California are unruly, in that they are defiant to their rule. On the other hand, the public claims that the police department is using their fire wrongly (Huffpost 1). Moreover, the information shows how the police boss is not taking the shooting problem seriously. The police administrators should take into consideration the videos to avoid conflict between the police department and the public. Moreover, the public is demonstrations over the shady investigation done by the police department. The committees appointed by the police bosses do not give the results of their investigations to the general. Thus, these endless investigations make the public furious on the police department (Huffpost

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