Police Brutality Topics

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Police brutality has been a hot topic in the news all over the country as of lately. There are several cases of brutality that make the news, most of which are thought to be white officers shooting black criminals. The idea is that Police officers are being racist in their arrests and harming people because of racism. There are news stories everywhere, talking about Ferguson, Missouri where 18 year old Michael Brown was shot or the Kentucky State Trooper, Joseph Ponder, who was shot after attempting to help the suspect. What should be done about these tragedies? What can be done to keep police safe and respect the rights of the people?
Both sides of the issue can be heavily biased, but the goal of this segment is to show the arguments
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Sources from all over conflict with one another on this issue. Washington post claimed 585 people were killed by police this year, while the British Newspaper “The Guardian” claims that 704 people were killed by the police this year. There is just too much conflicting data to develop an opinion on the issue of police brutality based on numbers and statistics.
Until solid evidence is available, I have determined my opinion on police brutality to be more of a matter of self defense. Because of the lack of factual evidence, it could easily be said that there is no right or wrong opinion on the issue of police brutality. The bottom line is that without substantial evidence, such as equal media outreach of stories and solid statistics, no one can make a solid opinion past their pre-established thoughts on the matter. Police Brutality, none the less, is still an unfortunate and major issue out in the world. This portion of the paper will add an alternate opinion to the previous segment. There are still so many crooked and corrupt cops in the world being violent towards civilians, whether armed or not. There are the examples of police brutality where the police officer(s) was/were brutal to a suspect or civilian because of race or ethnicity. Police brutality may not be as rampant as the media makes it out to be, but there are clear cases of police

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