Community Education, Learning And Development Essay

2054 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 9 Pages
Community Education has been at the forefront of education in Scotland since the Alexander Report amalgamated youth work, adult learning and community work together back in 1975 to form the community education services seen currently. Back then the Labour Government at the time commissioned the report and it has continued to have a significant impact on community education since then. In this essay I will explore how the different antecendents of community education outlined in Community Education, Learning and Development (2010) by Lynn Tett have helped me to understand what community education represents at present and look in depth at how the three antecedents outlined, help to understand what community education practices nowadays. I will also look more specificly at community educations role today and how the ambiguity associated with community education can lead to debate on just how exactly it is perceived in modern day society particularly due to the different ideologies around the subject that are at times littered with contradicting and opposing views.
In Community Education, Learning and Development (2010) by Lynn Tett the three antecedents identified are based on the ideology of working and involving young people, adults and poor communities. Involving young people particularly in the past looked at poorer young people living in damp wretched conditions and trying to work directly with those young people to provide them with opportunities away from their…

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