Communication, Music, Messages And Sign Language All Are Different Forms Of Communication

1017 Words Jul 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
Johnathan Mundadi
Ms. Fleggas
ENG 111 – 4202
05 July 2016
Memes of Communication Body language, music, messages and sign language all are different forms of communication. Before the digital technology era, people communicated in various ways such as stone carving and letters. Communication is an essential part of life used by everyone everywhere and life depends on it. To obtain an education, to hold a job and to raise a family are just a few instances of the barriers one can face with ineffective communication skills. It is important to effectively communicate to prevent any misunderstanding that can lead to problem. The advanced technology has facilitated means of communication worldwide significantly improving the overall ways of communicating. The cellular phones have contributed to such improvement and it has greatly impacted the many ways people communicate. When first introduced to the public, cellular phones main objective was to make phone calls, but today cellular phones are used for multiple purposes. Although, cellular phone’s primary purpose was to instantly communicate via telephone, text message has become the initial purpose. This is not a surprise as the world has become very impatient and always demanding answers now. As everything in the world has it positive and negative sides, texting also has its own but most people only think about the positive effect of texting but not the negative side of it. Examination of research shows that texting negatively…

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