Communication Issues between Men and Women Essay

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Bjornberg 1 Chad Bjornberg Critique Paper English 102 22 June 2011 The Differences of Understanding Deborah Tannen has written many books regarding communication issues between men and wemon. She has an extraordinary background which includes a PhD in linguistics from Berkeley, and currently holds a position at Georgetown University as a professor of linguistics. Aside from her profession, Tannen has published numerous specialized articles and books on language and linguistics which has placed her now as a best-selling author. In this article, ‘Sex, Lies, and Conversation’ which was published in the Washington Post in 1990, scrutinizes over the question of why it’s so hard for men and wemon to talk to each other while married. Tannen …show more content…
In a case study published through an April 1990 issue of American Psychologist, children’s development is most reflected by the way children interact socially with their friends and/or acquaintances. Tannen notices through research that girls mold relationships that generate along the lines of conversation. On the other hand boys have conversation, though not as much as girls, since boys don’t see talking as much of a crucial element for a relationship. Children also analysed in conversations with their parents proved a distinct difference between the sexes. Mothers and daughters faced each other directly while fathers and sons sat diagonally from each other while looking elsewhere in the room not making facial contact. One final case study in the article was when multiple young children were separated into same sex groups to conversate; the girls tended to stay on one subject longer than the boys who jumped around to various topics, none of which lasted more than a few moments. Though in public surroundings most males seem to be attentively social, behind closed doors of their houses they seem to be less loquacious towards their wife. Since wemon tend to have a more vocal relationship with their female friends, they particularly expect their husbands to be a new and improved version of a best friend. Tannen

Bjornberg 3 defines marriage as a relationship where you can tell your feelings and thoughts, even without being reprimanded by the other partner; though

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