Differences And Values Of Gender Miscommunications Between Men And Gender

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Have you ever had an argument, disagreement, or even a miscommunication with someone of the opposite sex? That maybe because of the differences and values that exist between both genders. Both have their own value hierarchy, but males and females both have different values on their hierarchy. Their values are placed on different levels and even then, each person is completely different from each other. Hierarchies do not directly relate to that certain gender. The opposite sex’s hierarchy can relate more to males or females. I will be talking about a time when I have had a miscommunication with someone of the opposite sex. Along with how I could have possibly caused it and how I could have approached it differently. There are a lot of reasons as to why there can be miscommunication between men and women. There have been a few times when I had a miscommunication because of gender differences. Along with the value hierarchies being quite different as well. Normally men’s value hierarchy is trust, acceptance, appreciate, admiration, approval, and encouragement. A women’s value hierarchy is normally caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance. Generally the reason why there are miscommunications between men and women is usually because their value hierarchy is different from each other. When the other tries to …show more content…
When she was thinking about what I was doing, her value hierarchy saw me as trying to flirt. I do not believe I had pushed any of my values onto her. I do think that she was assuming about what I was doing. Another thing is to listen carefully and pay attention. A few reasons as to why there could also be a miscommunication is because the person might not understand what was said. Such as, it could be words or something he person has not heard of before. It could also just sound weird or be taken the wrong

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