Communication And Nonverbal Communication Skills

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This semester is has been stressful and rewarding at the same time. The reason that has caused these feelings such as stress is sourced from the workload that I hold and the little time allotted to complete such tasks. It is also rewarding simply because I am able to see what my limits and accomplish more than I thought I could. Personally this semester has been immensely hard solely because I have set many goals that I have been trying to accomplish. I have also been exceedingly busy since I work a full time job and its difficulty during this semester. I often times get frustrated because I want to be able to enjoy this semester and I have not been able to do that. It’s hard to make time for my boyfriend, friends as well as making time for the extracurricular activities I usually participate in. The Fashion …show more content…
The verbal communication skills that I have include assertiveness by expressing myself effectively, annunciating my words clearly, asking for clarification, paraphrasing for understanding. I always ensure that I choose the correct language for the appropriate audience. I always speak at a moderate pace never to slow or fast, receiving criticism without defensiveness I am always open to constructive criticism without putting my guard up. Thinking before I speak is important planning communication before delivery. These are verbal skills that I believe that I acquire I believe that my strengths include asking for clarification this is key to understanding but I am always asking for more information especially when I feel as if that I don’t understand. Speech rate is important and I always ensure that I am never over talking someone talking to slow or to fast. Thinking about what I am going to communicate before the delivery is another strength I have. The area that I feel as if I need to approve would be taking criticism without getting upset or resulting in my feelings being

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