Narrative Essay About Senior Year

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SENIOR YEAR. It’s the year that every student dreams of, the year when things start getting real and adulthood strikes. Throughout this year students start to see who they really are as an individual. Underclassmen tend to think that this year is filled with fun times and happiness however, there is so much more to senior year than those few things. Senior year is filled with both ups and downs and is overall bittersweet. It’s the end of childhood and beginning of adulthood.
At the beginning of the year I was beyond excited to see how this year was going to go. Of course the first few weeks were getting back in the hang of things and being annoyed with the amount of work that I knew was coming up. The first month of school was here and gone
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I was accepted into Delaware Valley University about two weeks after applying and they gave me enough money to pay for about a year and a half of being there. The next thing was applying to about 7 colleges. Most students only apply to a few colleges because that is all that they have time for but I made sure that I applied to a variety of colleges. I did this so that when I go to pick the college that I want to attend I have choices instead of having to go to a certain college because that is the only college that I applied to. I was also successful going to national convention for FFA, the team that I was on ended up placing 6th in the nation, which beat our team from last year. This is a big success because of all of the dedication and hard work that was put into getting to that point.
However, the challenges that I have had include; time management, keeping up with my work and turning in effective work. What I mean by this is work that I have actually understood and completed without having to ask a friend or another student. Time management has been the biggest one though because it is the reason for the other two. Having poor time management has lead me to have trouble keeping up with my work and turn in effective

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