Essay on Communication And Non Verbal Communication

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In any clinical setting, medical professionals work together as a team to collaborate, delegate and consult. In order for this team effort to be effective, good communication skills must exist between medical professionals. Many times, messages can be altered and interpreted differently; if the conditions for transmission barriers develop. External barriers and internal barriers, such as confusion and mental status can hinder effective communication. Communication can be both verbal and non verbal, and it is important to understand that different cultures may communicate differently from others; example Thailand, “which depend entirely on non verbal communication.” (Tucker 2016). In such places, miscommunication is likely to happen if there are people of different cultures. In a clinical setting where caring for patients is top priority, communication is important. For a nurse, effective communication is important in the nursing process. In this essay, the definition of communication will be discussed, as well as communication techniques and uses in evidence based practice.
The basic scope of communication, involves the sending and receiving of message/s. According to Taylor (2011), when a message is exchanged between two or more persons and information is exchanged, communication is happening. More simply put, it is the sending and receiving (transmitting) of messages from person to person; this is the process of communication. In therapeutic…

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