Coming Into The Spring 2016 Semester Essay

823 Words Apr 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Coming into the spring 2016 semester I was a junior Justice Studies major at Clemson University with 72 credit hours completed. I had just transferred to Clemson in the fall of 2015 for engineering and switched majors. In the engineering program it was always lectured to use oral and written communication to communicate ideas and concepts clearly with other students. Similar to the stigma of engineering students, I struggled with writing. I had a hard time with making my ideas within a paper obvious and with meeting the minimum length requirements for a written assignment. Sometimes I became too wordy in my sentences. The justice studies program also lectured communicating, but it was primarily focused on writing because of written reports being used in the courtroom. It seemed that no matter what program I studied in, communication was going to be an integral part of it and that I needed to quickly improve before graduating. Up to this point I had completed three college level English courses. All of those courses involved the stereotypical monotonous routine of being strictly limited to specific academic reading and writing formats. I learned a lot from these courses, but I felt that they were limited in how the learned concepts could be applied to the written communication used every day in the “real world.” I was taught to write in an academic tone using scholarly vocabulary. After this was repeatedly beat into my head, I made the wrongful assumption that all writing…

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