The Need For More Than Justice Analysis

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The Journal "The Need for More Than Justice" written by Annette C. Baier essentially analyzes Carol Gilligan views on matters of women and justice. Baier also discusses many different other philosophers in her analyzation. Gilligan 's theory goes into depth on how care can be an important factor in a women 's outlook on moral issues and moral development. The very first main idea or topic that 's introduced in the journal article is the care or justice perspective. The perspective basically shows or gives the idea that a person 's gender will determine their outlook. A woman 's outlook would be in the category of a care perspective, one because people always relate women with being nurturing and caring. The man 's outlook would be considered …show more content…
Baier analyzes Gilligan 's theory very well she goes into depth and includes many different supporting facts, also the comparison between the Kantian theory and Gilligan 's theory was explained detail. Baier shows very well why Gilligan 's theory opposes The Kantian theory, of course, the Kantian theory is based on the oppression of women and Gilligan 's theory is for the rights of women. One of the things that were very intriguing to me was the research that was completed by Kohlberg, it made me question if it was even created for women to pass, one , because it was based on the Kantian theory and secondly Kohlberg, was influenced by Piaget, which begs the question was Kohlberg biased in any sort, if he was then how would his research be substantial. According to a research article, the reason Kohlberg said that women were on a lower level than males was the factor that women gave unsure answer 's and men gave clear and to the precise answers (Gilligan-Kohlberg Controversy, Kakkori & Huttunen). Amy and Jake were two of the people that were involved in the study (Gilligan-Kohlberg Controversy, Kakkori & Huttunen). The study was based on the Heinz dilemma which was basically about a woman who suffered cancer and was nearly dying and her husband tries to collect funds for the new drug that was created by a druggist who only produced the drug so he could make tons of profit, he raises the drug price ten times more than what it took him to actually make the drug, so the husband whose name was Heinz goes out of his way to find the money to buy this drug but he could never come up with all of it and the druggist would never comprise with him on a payment plan so Heinz decides to steal the drug (Gilligan-Kohlberg Controversy, Kakkori & Huttunen). Kohlberg asks Amy and Jake if it was morally right or justly for Heinz to steal the medicine to save his wife, Jake 's

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