Wrongful Convictions And Justice Reinvestment And Correction Analysis

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As I reflect back on the modules we covered during this semester, two particular topics really grabbed my attention “Wrongful Convictions” and “Justice Reinvestment.” These two particular topics provided me another perspective how America’s adversarial system has some deeply rooted flaws embedded it. In which, these flaws have created loopholes in the legal system to allow the local, state, and federal agencies to manipulate the people’s ‘due process and protection against self-incrimination’ during questioning of investigations by law enforcement agencies. In which, walks a fine line with these loopholes in the adversarial system to violate people’s Constitutional rights in the 21st century. Over the last several years, the media exposure of police brutality cases has taken priority over any other injustices committed within our adversarial system agencies. However, these hidden loopholes in the laws within the …show more content…
Former Chairman Madden was part of a successful legislator team that made a difference in the Texas communities by addressing the social epidemic issues that was created by our adversarial system when not following to the true intent of correction facilities. The reforming of prisoners was never implemented, but a form of punishment. When these men and women depart our correction systems, they are dumped on the families and our communities to handle these social issues with them. This Texas plan has brought on new hope with legislative teams to work together and develop an answer to this social epidemic with the masses of prison incarceration problems in America with the “Justice Reinvestment” intervention

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