Comical Side Of Laughter

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Laughter is incredibly powerful. Eugene P. Bertin once said "There is a purifying power in laughter. It is truth in palatable form. It is instant vacation. Seeing the comical side of many situations makes life a great deal easier. It 's like riding through life on sensitive springs that ease every jolt.". There is so much truth in this quote and it can easily be broken into three main points. Those points would have to be laugher is a purifying power, laughter makes even the toughest situations easier to deal with, and laughter is truth in a form that is easier to deal with. It could be broken down further but I think these three points are the most important ones to discuss.
Laughter can be used to make something as ugly as politics
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For example, African Americans used comedy to heal the wounds that were made with slavery. Instead always being bitter a few people started making jokes about their masters and themselves in order to try and mend a few bonds and change the situation for the better. This allowed new friendships to be created and pulled people out of oppression. As Bertin said “Seeing the comical side of many situations makes life a great deal easier.” If everyone could just laugh a little more the world would be a happier, lighter, and less uptight place to live. Laughter has the power to relieve tension from some of the most stressful situations. It just makes people relax and once the situation has relaxed it can be resolved in a much more level-headed manner. Now if only we could get Kim Jong-un to laugh with us a bit more maybe he wouldn’t be so hell bent on blowing us up. Also if the middle-east could take a joke or two maybe we wouldn’t have so many deaths every …show more content…
What I think Bertin means by this is telling someone the truth about a grim situation or one that is filled with tension is much easier if you do it in a light almost joking manner. For example, imagine you just ate the last of the Oreos which is your mom’s favorite cookie. She hides them from everyone because she is on a diet and she doesn’t want anyone to find out that she has been cheating on her diet. So not only have you found her hidden stash of legal crack but you eat them all which isn’t that preposterous because Oreos are literally drugs in cookie form. But like I was saying your mom is about to come around the corner and catch you covered in Oreo crumbs. Now you have a few options tell your mom that she’s fat and you stole all of her cookies, run away join the circus and grow a mullet, or tell her that you just helped her destroy the evidence and you will never tell as long as she does not punish you for helping her stay on track. Although the second option seems very tempting (I mean come on, who doesn’t want a mullet?), I would personally go with the third option, due to the use of humor which makes the truth a little bit more

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