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Case Study – Comfort Homes
This study is set to discuss the case of Comfort Homes from chapter 7 of Mazzarol (2011) book which focused on planning and strategy in entrepreneurial venture. The case study analysis will address the questions and demonstrating of concepts taught in the unit to the case as a business solution or lessons. James, the owner manager of Comfort Homes, turned his business into a multi-million dollar success story. Although by time, it was not enough for him as he faced bigger managerial problems. Planning, segmentation, and leadership are some of the difficulties James are facing.

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Assignment 2– Comfort Homes

Executive Summary:
The possession of formal
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He has insufficient managerial, human resources and marketing experience. He has some delegation issues, poor communication between him as management and his staff, lack of leadership skills and knowledge share. In the other hand, his company is lacked of formal business planning, marketing plan, and clear strategic option. As he is struggling whether to supply transportable homes to farmer in rural areas or supply it to the Queensland Housing Commission as a government agency. In addition, it has some financing issues of limited capital to secure the high cost of research and development for the new designs.


Assignment 2– Comfort Homes

Analysis and evidences:
To support my arguments with theoretical evidences, it was obvious that James has the characteristics of an entrepreneur more than an owner manager; he is independence, ambitious, innovative, and risk-bearing. He has a great focus on maximization of profit and growth orientation (Carland et. al. 1984; Mazzarol 2005). Yet, he lacked focused leadership, and marketing as most small business proprietors find the marketing of their businesses a complex and difficult tasks and usually lack both resources and expertise (DITR 1987). The Comfort Homes small firm can be classified as a growth seeker ‘promotion’ type. This type is focused around the personal ambitions of James as an entrepreneurial and makes strong use of innovation to seek growth and exploit market

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