Colours Essay

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Have you ever thought that perhaps, the only colour in real life is white? White light is indeed the bearer of all colours. The colours we see are reflections bouncing off an object or are the light source itself. The light sources change and the colours with them. Colour is not a stable affair. Colour is light alone, but our experience is so direct that we trust our eye and believe that a colour is inherent to an object. Imagine living in a world where everything is white in colour!

However, the world we live in is, thankfully, full of colours, and they trigger emotional responses as they influence our feelings and us. Interestingly, colours can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes,
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As a powerful form of communication, colours are irreplaceable. Red means "stop" and green means "go." Traffic lights send this universal message. Likewise, the colours used for a product, web site, business card, or logo cause powerful reactions. We would usually go for the brighter and more colourful design as it looks more appealing and interesting to us.

If colours never exist, the world would be such a dark and gloomy place.

In a picture, colours capture the mood of the moment. It shows the atmosphere of the picture without you actually being there to witness it. The evolution of cameras is the change from black and white pictures to coloured pictures. Pictures that are usually dark and gloomy give a sad and angry feeling, mostly it being a sad occasion. Pictures that are bright and cheerful usually give a happy feeling, mostly it being a joyous occasion.

Colours also show the ambience of an occasion. For example, during Chinese New Year, the colours used to decorate their house are very important as to the Chinese, colours means a lot. Red, would be the primary decorative colour as it is an auspicious colour. It helps to keep evil away. Orange and yellow are also used in the decorations. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy and sunshine. Orange represents enthusiasm, happiness and success. Yellow connotes royalty, prosperity and luck. Likewise, during a funeral, black and white are used as it

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