Proles And Animals Are Free Essay

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What is the aspect of 1984 that you have chosen as inspiration for your political cartoon?
Why did you choose this aspect? What is your purpose or call to action?
I chose to focus on the phrase “Proles and animals are free.” By lowering proles to the same level as animals, the Party alienates its members from the proles, controlling both groups. The Party members are unable to rebel without the help of proles, according to Winston, and the proles lack the organization and motivation to do so. Additionally, I focused on the Party slogan “Freedom is slavery.” When combined to the previous phrase, there is an apparent irony. Not only is the statement itself an oxymoron, but when applied to the previous statement, it implies that the proles are
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(at least two - examples could include analogy, irony or another humor technique, exaggeration, symbolism, etc. ) How have you incorporated them into your cartoon?
I used analogy to compare proles to animals, much like the phrase “Proles and animals are free” does, by putting farm animal faces onto the human bodies of proles. The use of specifically farm animals to compare to the proles symbolizes the passive nature of the proles who would never have a reason to revolt as long as they are ignorantly happy.
Additionally, I placed the Party members into a cage- more specifically, a bird cage. The comparison of Party members to a trapped bird represents the loss of independence, and sometimes a yearning to break free. Like how a bird can sing from within the cage for oustiders to hear but is unable to do anything else, Party members who wish for the end of the party are unable to fight against the Party without reaching out to or trying to rally the proles. Lastly, although the Party members are human, they are in the place of a trapped bird, which implies that they too are animals, but docile and weak under the Party and Big
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This detail was taken from the novel, and shows conformity through clothing by making everyone wear the same overalls within each party, but also shows a clear distinction between Inner and Outer Parties to uphold the status quo. Black usually means power, formality, evil, and fear of the unknown. This is fitting to describe those pulling the strings and controlling the general population, especially since as readers we only meet one member of the Inner Party (O’Brian), who turned out to be evil. Blue is a standard color for overalls, taking away indivuality of those in the Outer Party. The Party members have no color in their faces to show, once again, conformity and also lack of vitality. Their lives are so much so dictated by the Party that indiviual identity has faded

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