American Colleges Vs Small Colleges

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In fall 2015, 20.2 million students were expected to enroll, to attend American colleges and universities ("Fast Facts”). Students took the time to narrow down the best fit school for themselves. With over 4,800 colleges to choose from in the United States of America, it can be difficult for some students to figure out which one will be the optimal choice. The two main colleges a student should consider before selecting, are a large university or a small college. There are many differences between the two, including learning, social life and the extracurricular activities. If students are contemplating attending a huge state university or a small college the most important is to find a school that fits their needs and who they are as a person. …show more content…
The size of the school affects the learning of students. Large universities have larger classes that can contain up to two-hundred students at a time. This can be good for a person who doesn’t want to stand out and does better listening to lectures. Small colleges have a class size that contains twenty-five to thirty students. This allows a student to involve themselves and engage increasingly into what the professor is saying. In a large university there are typically teaching assistants that do the bulk of grading and teaching ("Large or Small College"). The professor will only appear once in a while to lecture. At a smaller college, students get more time to get to know their professor and the professor does all of the teaching. Also, a student will get more of a chance to write papers which allows the student to become a superior writer ("10 Reasons to Go to a Small College”). At a large university a student may find they receive more lectures and a fewer amount of papers. A positive to a large university is there are many majors to pick from where a small college contains less majors ("Big vs. Small, Urban vs. Rural: Consider College Campuses”). Learning and size ultimately depends on what the student finds more comfortable. If a student tends to be more comfortable listening to lectures and not writing as many papers, then a large university will be good for that student. If the student likes to have more time with a professor and engage in the lessons they teach, then a smaller college might be the option they seek. The clear winner in learning is a smaller college. At a smaller college students get more chance to write papers for their benefit, more chance to engage with the professor, and to connect with

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