College Vs. High School Essay

1715 Words Jan 14th, 2015 7 Pages
Graduating high school is a big accomplishment, but it is only the beginning of a student starting their own life and being independent from their parents. For most people, the next step after high school is college, and college has many differences from high school. When applying to college, the main factors prospective students, look at are required test scores, the necessary grade point averages, and tuition costs. While those are important factors to consider, not many people realize that some schools are more stressful than others, have higher drug and alcohol addiction rates, and high sexually transmitted diseases percentages. College is a great choice for educating a person and planning for a successful future, though there are many dangers of college. There are ways to remain less stressed, reduce chances of drug and alcohol addictions, and lower chances of receiving a sexual transmitted disease. One of the main differences between college and high school is the level of stress. Though there are moments in high school where students are faced with a large amount of stress from the seven hours of constant time spent in school learning then to coming home to do hours of homework. But while in high school students have the option to go sit upstairs and talk with parents and vent to them and then later sit down and all have dinner together and forget about the stress at school, college students do not have those ways of relieving stress. Most of the time, college…

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