College Tuition And High School Essay

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A college degree can be very useful considering that a lot of jobs now require a degree of some

sort. College graduates that hold a degree can make up to 30,000 more dollars per year than a

high school graduate holding a diploma. This makes college tempting and makes it seem like it

is necessary. There is a huge financial downside to college, the average person comes out of

college with around 35,000 dollars of debt, which can make people wonder if college is even

worth it. We need to lower public college tuition. Individuals can help gain college credit on their

own and that will alleviate some of the cost bearing debt. What are the ways a person could get

a jump on their education while they lower their own college tuition?

One of the ways to lower a persons own college tuition is to take AP classes in high school. You

will have a test in the spring and if you score a 3 or better you will receive the college credit.

This option can only hurt you in one way and that is to not receive the college credit, the good

thing is that you would still receive high school credit which you need to have anyways to


Another ways is to go to a local college. If you are a high school student you can get up to 6 free

credit hours. That 's a good deal! I know this because I am actually attending the local college in

Rockland for a 4 credit biology class. I find that this was an amazing opportunity because it is

benefiting me in many ways. I am…

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