College Student With Hopes Of Teaching My Class Essay

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Here i stand today, a college student with hopes of teaching my class. Filled with eagerness and hopes that someday i can bestow the knowledge i learned on towards others. These dreams that i have arent perfect,there is no clear path. All i see is a tunnel encased with traps and obstacles but at the end, there’s a light. At the end of the tunnel i can see my fantasy play out. All of my students learning and embrancing what’s taught to them and ultimately succeeding in their goals in life. It will not be easy, the road is a diffcult one but it can be simplified. It satarts with the school and more specifically the Curriculum.

Throughout my time in school, i have learned four core basic subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and History. While there are subjects that derive from the ones listed the schools that i attended different offer much diversity. A typical week in gramar school and more shockingly High school would go as follow. We would learn a new subject Monday and spend the next three days following completing worksheets and homework about it until friday. Friday we were quizzed and if you passed or failed, it didnt matter because next week was a new subject. This was ludiocris and the concept that this was an transitioning event through grade levels is deeply depressing. Instead of teaching us to understand the material deeply, we taught in a ill-mannered system in which test scores would determine if the class would move on towards a new subject. Directives…

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