College Of Engineering : My Career Type With The Holland Hexagon Evaluation

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Before entering this course, I was quite unsure as to what concentration of undergraduate studies to focus on. Specifically, it was to either choose between civil and environmental engineering major of studies. I was at a crossroads. Yet, I wanted to evaluate the career path more in depth to make a decision that will correlate to my values and lifestyle objectives. I began to experience some anxiety about the major courses and confusion as to which career provided the most appealing outlook after graduation. Florida State University issued notifications about graduation check and advisors informing about how much closer I must decide because I was drawing near my completion of prerequisites for the engineering program. Thus, with three semesters left of schooling and my family constantly drawing conclusions it was time for me to assess and make a concrete decision. I experience anxiety and was quite overwhelmed with the vast possibilities presented through the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.
Through intense valuation, I acquired the knowledge needed to identify my career type with the Holland Hexagon evaluation. In addition, I was satisfied with the type of lifestyle and financial security this career path provided after through investigation associated with this course. My learning goals were to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the career path. In addition, my goal is to expose to the matriculation process of successful civil engineers from…

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