College Is Too Expensive College Essay

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College Is Too Expensive
College is important to many Americans who are either graduating or have recently graduated high school, but one problem stopping them from attending is how expensive college is. Many students cannot afford to attend college, and some decide not to attend because they cannot afford it. According to research about college costs, a public two-year college like Murray State College is estimated to cost $3,440 yearly for tuition and fees minimal compared to universities (Smith). The state and government should implement a way to make college cheaper by offering more scholarships, raise the cut off for financial aid, make the interest rate for student loans cheaper, and make the classes cost less.
Scholarships are one way students who attend college pay for their tuition and fees. More scholarships would benefit the students who are not eligible for financial aid. There are scholarships for Native Americans, students with high grade point averages, and many more. Without scholarships, students would have to apply for a student loan. Student loans today are adding up to be at least $300,000 or more. According to a website about why college should be cheap one recent baccalaureate graduate owes $150,000 for student loans (Crisp). Another recent baccalaureate graduate that is unemployed owes a staggering $300,000 (Crisp). Is credit card debt more or less than student loans?
Student loan debt in the U.S. has grown to more than $1 trillion, surpassing credit…

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