College Is A Waste Of Time By Dale Stephens Essay

1046 Words Nov 11th, 2014 null Page
In the article, “College is a waste of time” by Dale Stephens, Dale gives his persuasive opinions on why college is a waste of time by giving out evidences of how college isn’t fully beneficial and describing people who are successful today without a college degree. Dale describes college as “rewarding conformity, regurgitation, and theory”, instead of, “rewarding independence, learning, and application”. Providing that college is also hungry for people’s wallet, The College Board Policy Center showed that tuitions have increased 3.6 times since 30 years ago. Not everyone needs college to be successful such as Mark Zukerberg who made it big without a diploma. Summing up the article, Dale states that in the end it’s people’s choice to look for opportunities themselves in order to succeed whether it would be going to college or finding your way without a diploma.
Analyzing the Wabash National Study, it is disappointing seeing 79% of college students lack contributions to the Sciences/ Arts. On the good side, moral reasoning and critical thinking have impacted students highly. Not surprised by the data growth because it’s necessary for universities to stress on teaching students to think “independently”. Being independent is a characteristic that future employers look for in order to trust that one can handle situations by “themselves”. “Moral reasoning” challenges students to prove their statements and “critical thinking” teaches evaluation. Therefore, college is not waste of…

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