College Is A Waste Of Time And Money Essay

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Many middle and high school students are planning for their futures. Not only are they planning for life but also for college. Some think college is a waste of time and money. Others think it will be the best option there is. In reality, college sets you up for your future. College helps you gain the necessary skills to prepare you for further life. Going to college is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Having a post-secondary education helps you be the best you dream to be and prepares you for adult life

One reason going to college is a good choice is because you will make more money in your chosen job. For example, “Workers with a bachelor’s degree for example earned about $415 more than workers whose highest education level was a high school diploma.” ( Students will earn more when they go to college because they have more education and more experience. Having a degree helps college students get a better job and ensures you more money. With this, it also determines the lifestyle students set for themselves. It influences what kind of house college students will live in, where they will live, what kind of car they drive, and more things they do and buy in life after college. Also, going to college ensures high school and middle school students who are planning their future good security. Having a college education makes it easier for them to find and maintain a job. A post-secondary education also helps them get promotions.…

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