Why Should Everyone Go To College

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Louisiana Jean Noel
Professor DeFalco
College Composition 1
12 October 2017

Should Everyone Go to College? “Should Everyone Go to College” by Stephane Owen and Isabel Sawhill states that it has been widely debated that a college degree is a prerequisite to enter the middle class ranking of Americans over the past few decades. For certain schools, majors, and occupations, college may not be a smart investment. By advising all young people that college is a must to achieve success is doing some of them a disservice according to the authors mainly due to cost and expenses. This is because many successful entrepreneurs did not attend college and they are living a high class life style as we speak.
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Moreover, colleges need to do more to ensure that their students graduate. Particularly the lower-income students who struggle. They seem to struggle most with persistence and have more complications among there college journey. Financial aid and academic advisors should be in lieu of that to assist with these situations as they occur to improve the graduation rate and ease the process to ensure they do not give up or “fall of the wagon”. Owen and Sawhill are saying that education is important, but before starting your college adventure, you need to make sure that you have all the knowledge in order to have a successful college endeavor. As discussed it is not always the best choice for some people to attend. A college education is powerful, and if used the wrong way, can be a waste of time and money. Choose your college wisely, it is best to pick an affordable college rather than an expensive one. The Pay Scale is a step in the right direction. What does the Pay Scale provide? The Pay Scale provides valuable information to students looking for the right college to attend.
To conclude, the author's point of view in the article “Should Everyone Go to College” is the great debate. They mention that college is an important way of life and everyone should have the opportunity to attend college but that is at your own risk depending on expense and rate of return. The authors focus on whether college is a good investment, the rate of return in future earnings ultimately makes the expense of paying for college a good one. The author also states while the average students return to obtaining a college degree is clearly positive, it is not

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