College Essay : How College Will Make A Huge Impact On My Life

700 Words Nov 18th, 2015 3 Pages
College Realization As a freshman college student, I never imagined how college will make a huge impact in my life. I always thought of college as being mature and experiencing a glimpse of the adult world, but I never thought that it would be more different. It has only been a quarter or less and throughout those months, weeks, or even days it made me realized that college is far more than maturity and the adult world, it is about valuing education. When I was in high school, it was not a problem to commute, considering that it was only seven minutes away. The only problem that I have to face was bus’ schedule and the crowded bus stop, which made most of the students uncomfortable once we all stepped inside the bus. Being on a crowded bus and having to deal with it for almost three years, made me feel lazy to go to school. It was all luck and a huge boost when my dad bought a car and started dropping me off to school. I didn’t have to deal with busy bus’ every morning anymore and no more excuses of why I am late to a class.
Once I started attending college, I never thought how far and time consuming the commute was. I always wished to be out of that crowded bus that I did not even realized how hectic it is to commute for over thirty minutes long. At first I thought it was better than the overly crowded bus, but that reason was not enough. I tried to carpool with my other friends who go to the same school, but it was not a solution as well. Who would have thought that a…

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