College And Scholarship Application Process Essay

1465 Words Sep 10th, 2015 6 Pages
As I look back on my writing career to this point in my life I have usually had a purpose to write. Very rarely did I just write for fun, most of my works were required. Therefore I typically did not have much invested into the works, until I reached the college and scholarship application process. In order to create an essay that has some meaning behind it one must first become at the very least interested in the topic. The last work that I wrote where I was truly passionate and went through the complete writing process was the four essays I wrote in application for the Presidential scholarship at Montana State. During a few weeks I wrote these essays revised had people edit and much more. So much work went into all of those pieces. The one I will focus on is the most memorable to me. The prompt was “describe the greatest problem your generation will face” I thought for a while as ideas about global warming pollution overpopulation food shortages and other worldwide problems came to mind. As I dove deeper into this prompt I slept on it and came up with a rough idea in the morning. When my mom had to ask me something three times to do something before I looked up from my phone the idea that communication will be the most difficult obstacle for a technology driven generation to conquer. As I became more motivated with this idea I realized the problems I had brainstormed earlier could all be solved with proper face to face human interaction. As this idea grew I became…

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