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“Everything has to be perfect! If it is not perfect, then I will fail. And if I fail then I would go to MIT. And if I don’t go to , then I would be able to have a successful life!” I screamed while I was in the middle of freaking out about my future.
“You’re going to be alright, honey. Everything is going to be fine,” my mom explain. I crunched on the floor, shaking. I felt like I was going to throw up and that I had no sense of direction in my life.
The college admissions essay was due in two weeks and I still only had a few paragraphs written down. My story did not feel complete, it did not feel nearly as well written as some other people submitting their essays. The topic of the story was to write about your life changing event, but nothing ever really changed in my life. I lived in an average home,
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“ Want to hang out?” I asked. She moaned.
Her mom pulled her aside and talked to Leah. I heard them whispering, her mom was trying to convince her to go. She at the beginning was reluctant, but then later gave in. “ Sure,” she responded.
Leah lead the way outside, surprisingly going extremely fast even though she was on crutches. I followed behind her. We were silent for the first two minutes of us walking, but then I had to break the silence. “ So…” I said,” what happened to your leg?”
“ I shattered my tibia,” she moaned, “ I hurt it last week running. Supposedly, I most likely will be ever able to run again.” I could see the sadness in her eyes. Her whole future was probably shattered. The silence was upon us again. So I talked about the only thing that was on my mind, the college admission essay. “ So did you write your college admissions essay yet?” I asked.
“ No” she replied. “ I still have to do that. I still have two weeks though. I will be alright.” Two weeks. Being alright. I was freaking out, because my essay was not that good, but it still was complete. Leah did not even start hers yet. I would be freaking

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