College Admissions : Personal Statement Essay

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College Admissions:

Personal Statement

Throughout our many years of schooling, we are taught the importance of attending post-secondary school. As a result, many students aspire to move onto college after they graduate from high school. Students work through high school to achieve all the requirements that are needed for college and even sometimes, more. This is because depending on the post-secondary school a student chooses, sometimes the ability to be accepted is fairly difficult. Its obvious that colleges have many applicants and of course, they cannot choose them all. Therefore, this creates a selective process. Colleges tend to look for students that seem to be well-rounded, meaning they excel not only in academics, but participate in clubs and activities. Colleges are interested in creating a student body that shows an interest in succeeding in many different areas. We’ve all been taught this since we were little, with the intentions of encouraging us to participate and excel in school. Which is why I have developed academic interests over the years, have been involved in extracurricular activities, and had life experiences that will help me to succeed in college.

Of course, my academic interests have changed countless times in the duration of my schooling. I’ve wanted to be almost everything from a singer to a doctor. Everytime I think I have my mind made up about what my interests are or what career I want to have, I find something that seems to…

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