Collaborative Essay

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When you are writing collaboratively, how does one determine whether an argument represents one's own position? Sticking to your position while writing collaboratively can be tricky, often times it can be downright impossible. To ensure that one maintains its own position it is important to know well and to constantly stick to your position. You can pretty well guarantee that your portion of the paper is a reflection of yourself and your views by sticking by them and being sure to give support for those ideas. On the other hand what is it that causes or allows a team member to support an argument that he or she does not find credible? Does this lack of individual support weaken the final paper? Why or why not? You may not find the issue a …show more content…
This is so you can know that their sources are reliable and the information they used was accurate. If they just copied all of what was in the source, then they have committed plagiarism and this will have to be corrected. Unlike grading your own paper, you have to take the time to review someone else’s work and check it carefully. When you look at your own work, you already know the information included in it and the elements you used to write your paper. Next, what team writing processes produce the strongest arguments? The team writing processes that produce the strongest arguments are when the team revises and drafts. This makes the paper turn out stronger because revising helps a paper to be checked for grammatical issues, punctuation, if the paper’s claims and evidence are clear and informative, and if the paper flows right throughout the whole writing. This makes the paper have finishing touches to make it well written. How do the topics selected for individual argument papers differ from those chosen for team papers? Do those differences imply a qualitative difference between the two types of writing? As you analyze the relationship between collaboration and argument, you must support your claims through research. (If you choose, you may include examples from personal experience.) Topics selected for individual argument papers differ from those chosen for the team

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