The Impact Of Technology In Communication

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Over the course of many years, various alterations have been made in our communication systems. With the help of technology, today 's engaged culture has developed a completely modernized language. Everyday, various changes in speech and writing are made because of the telecommunication inventions that are seen world wide. Technology has been a key factor in the development, involvement, and links that we see in everyday life. Language is a complex system of communication that is progressive, and this constant development must not only include, but should also embrace the changes inspired by technology. According to Walt Whitman, "the English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time, and is both the free …show more content…
Ever since the powerful invention of Facebook in 2004, it has been a skyrocketing telecommunication tool that has been a enormous influential factor on our everyday speaking and writing. The uses of malleable language, personal information, and informal writing are slowly merging together to form a new telecommunication system. The modern use of the hashtag (#) organizes speech and language into distinct sections on the media network and is now even being used on shirts and greeting cards. Social media has prompted a whole new array of diction, which is slowly blending with everyday conversations. Some examples of this diction are; friend, favorite, like, tweet, status, wall, etc. Words like troll and Google have completely modified meanings (Reed, "How Social Media Is Changing Language?"). A troll is someone on the internet who starts an argument or tries to upset someone, opposed to its old status of being a ugly doll or a bridge protector. To Google something now means to search the web, opposed to its ' former status of simply being a website. One of the most revolutionary alterations is the sharing and spread of information. Personal information is shared with much larger audiences. The changes have caused people to become more informal, open, and succinct. News is shared much faster across the globe, and people now can enjoy the privilege of getting a bigger "say" in worldly issues. Social media has presented people with an experimental communication playground that is constantly changing to mirror society 's actions and thoughts (Reed, "How Social Media Is Changing

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