The Importance Of The Phhonological System Of A Language

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A teacher generally understand how words and sounds are formatted in which it helps plan produce lessons to teach , but more important to help engage students to the lessons. The phonological system of a language includes an inventory of sounds and their features, as well as rules in which specify how sounds interact with each other. Linguistically morphology is the patterns of word formation in a particular language both goes hand in hand in formatting words expression and comprehension. When I was teaching third graders in a European country, I had students from all parts of the world. I had to introduce English to them in which it would make sense. I started most of my lessons in giving each student an English word with its translation …show more content…
Today they are many DVD, videos, and websites like YouTube, in which lessons are provided and are user friendly for all ages in introducing sounds, and building words. Technology tools, such as smartboards online ESL Classroom, ESL Café, and many more are valuable resources for teachers to get ideas in preparing lessons. This method can be engaging, relevant, to lessons, with adding quizzes, and assessments to help expand learning once you are aware of the student’s results of what they learned and what they did not. This data may help in providing opportunities to use English in different settings, reinforce new concepts, and expose students to new …show more content…
After reading a chapter from the book the Circuit, students would go to stations. One station will be set with maps for student to mark down places the author moved. As well as questions for students to draw a map of places students may have visit or wishes to and why. Another station would be vocabulary words station. This station students would be introduce with new vocabulary words for each chapter. Students would find the definition, and write a sentence using the word. They would write the words in their journal to study for a spelling test. Other station would be word games station. This station would be filled with unscramble words sheet, scrabble word games, etc.… The last station would be a self-assessment station in which students would answer question of the story, like the main idea, characters, problem and conclusion. I would also add questions to the students if he or she relates to the character and how? Is there anything that reminds you of your home, or/and

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