English Language Learners Research Paper

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English language learners: Effective Teaching Strategies to Enhance Learning
Albatul Albulayhi
University of the Incarnate Word English language learners: Effective Teaching strategies to Enhance Learning
"The hardest part of living in a different country is the language barrier. Because you know you have to learn the language in order to survive." – (Betina Johnson, n.d)
Schools across the United States are becoming diverse. A number of students whose mother tongues are not English are increasing in the classrooms. American society consists of different cultures, ethnicity, and religions. English Language Learners (ELLs), as known in our educational system, are one of the fastest growing groups of populations in US schools. According
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Similar to this study, Hekfrish & Bosh , (2011) highlight that when teachers get knowledge about diverse cultures and appreciate cultural values, they will be able to bring learners of different cultures together. One of the benefits that teachers get from knowing the differences between their students culture is that they will instruct their lessons very successfully for ELLs. Additionally, ELL teachers should be aware of the important role of literacy of their diverse students. Moreover, good ELL teachers know their students educational experiences to find better teaching strategies, and support them. Furthermore, Berg, Petron, and Greyberck (2012) recommend for ELL teachers to develop an in-depth understanding of the learning background of the students, so when they get this knowledge about their students, they will be able to instruct an significant curriculum for their ELL learners. However, other studies argue that ELL educators do not need special strategies to teach their students, so they can use the strategies with ELLs and native sparkers, too (Tissington & LaCour 2007). Furthermore, many researches agree that ELL teaching strategies are not only help ELLs, but they help native speakers in their learning process ( New Teacher Center, University of Calporina, …show more content…
ELL teachers should select appropriate storybooks for their students depending on their grade, so they can observe the new settings through storybooks. Moreover, ELL teachers can use storybooks to build the vocabulary and comprehension skills os students in their classrooms. Collins whose research about how the storybook can help learning Vocabulary for ELLs promotes the ELLs to learn vocabulary by reading storybooks, and the findings of his study show that reading storybooks enhances ELLs to learn more and more vocabulary (Collins, 2010). A related study in how reading storybooks approach can affect children language learners indicates that reading storybooks encourages the early language and the literacy of students (Gillanders, Cristina, Castro, Dina C, 2011). Reading is very important to improve the language literacy in ELLs, and teachers should promote students to read a variety of genres including their textbooks. Reading gives ELLs additional support in their academic

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