Cold War and Us Diplomacy Essay

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The Cold War and U.S Diplomacy

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The Cold War Diplomacy When most people think of President Kennedy’s Diplomacy efforts, they will often refer to situations that were resolved using the doctrine of flexible response. This is when the military and White House planners implemented a policy that offered them a range of options to choose from: in dealing with a host of threats. These included: the increased use of conventional forces to small and large nuclear weapons. As, this was based on two main principals most notably: destroying the enemy’s ability to make retaliatory strikes against American interests and only attacking the cities along with other population centers as a last resort. (Cohen, 1986, pp.
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(Lockwood, 1999, pp. 83 – 99)
Describe the Effects of these Diplomatic Efforts for the US and Other Countries The impact of diplomatic efforts of the doctrine of flexible response is that it helped to build stronger alliances with other nations around the world. The reason why, is because this basic approach meant that the US would have greater strike capabilities on numerous fronts. For nations that they were allied with, this caused them to feel more secure by knowing that in event of some kind of uncertainties. There are enough tools to: counterbalance any kind of effects of the Soviet Union. The reason why, is because the USSR was constantly testing the resolve of the West in trying to prevent the spread of communism around the world. In those areas that they felt America was weak; they would try to exploit these issues by demanding that the West give into their demands or face the possibility of seeing some kind of military action. Under the doctrine of flexible response, the Russian leadership was unable to bully allies around the world into giving into their demands. This is because the Soviet leadership was not assured that they would prevail in a particular situation. At which point, they would think twice about the possibility of engaging Western forces in these areas. This forced the Soviets to be able to maintain the status quo, due to the fact that they were uncertain of the outcome they were facing. These elements are important, because they are

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