Compare John F Kennedy Response To The Cold War Response

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Cold War Response Children ducked under desks awaiting a nuclear explosion that would never come, adults spent time constructing shelters that would never be used, and militaries fortified for a war that would never shed blood. Constant tension hung in the air for countries all over the world facing the fears of communism and nuclear war. The United States was built upon the principles of freedom, the nation’s fate depends upon the decisions of three Presidents. As the looming threat of Communism spread throughout the world three U.S presidents had plans to stop a troubled world from falling red. While Presidents Truman and Eisenhower supported policies of containment and types of aid for failing democracies to resist communism, President …show more content…
Kennedy suggest a different approach to communism, called the Flexible Response. In President Kennedy’s speech he brought attention to the many Americans fed up with the prolonged ending of the Cold War. Kennedy delivered his Flexible Response prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was perhaps one of the closest introductions to war in all the Cold War era. He believed Americans must face the chances of war in order to keep the remaining peace between the United States and the Soviet Union. He admitted that ‘Americans should work with Nations that lack freedom in order to strengthen its cause (Kennedy). During Kennedy’s term throughout the Cold War, Cuba played a big part in the Communist Regime of the Soviet Union. In 1961, trained Cuban citizens had plans to demolish the communist government of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro (Kennedy). The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an epic fail for those on the side of freedom and democracy. Circumstances were not looking any better for frustrated Americans, and starting another world war was not an option at this point. President Kennedy believed that the weapons of the United States would not have been effective when up against the war tactics of the communists (Kennedy). Kennedy believed that America needed a new response to the undeclared war, because the United States was no longer superior to its enemies (Kennedy). The United States began to compete with the Soviet Union in what was known as The Space Race, Russia was no longer the only country to send something into orbit. Kennedy and his new response brought relief for Americans, and the threats of the Cold War began to

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