Essay on Cognitive Theory Of Cognitive Development

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To test children 's ability to see other people’s intentions and use perspective taking a story is told to the child and then a series of questions asked. This test is to see what stage of development children are in according to Piaget’s theories of cognitive development. This test was completed on a five year old, kindergarten girl at Tye River Elementary School. The first task completed was telling a story about girl named Holly and her dilemma of either disobeying her father to help Shawn’s kitten or following her father’s orders. The student listened intently to the story while it was being told but once the questions were asked, she seemed to lose some focus on the activity. The questions dealt with interpreting the feelings of other people. She seemed to answer the first question very well stating that Shawn would feel very sad that his kitten was up in a tree, showing that she somewhat understood others feelings. However like with the majority of the questions she could not answer the “why?” portion very easily. Like with the first question asked she answered the second very easily stating that Holly’s father would be very mad and would tell her to get down. When asked why she thought Holly’s father would be mad, she shrugged her shoulders and then repeated what she had stated previously. The third question, which asked how Holly thinks her father will feel if he finds she climbed the tree, was not answered easily. At first she stated “I don’t know”, and after…

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