Cognitive Load Analysis Example

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Cognitive Load Analysis

For this week’s assignment I have chosen to critique an instruction aid pertaining to burn victims. This instruction is a PowerPoint presentation I found off of the internet and is uploaded along side this paper. While the PowerPoint presentation was created back in 2012 the information is still relevant and used today. When a patient arrives in the hospital emergency room with burns the main priority for staff is to remove all clothing and jewelry from the patient while also assessing their airway or ability to breath and maintain oxygenation. During this initial assessment the providers (nurses and doctors) are also applying the rule of 9. The rule of 9 basically divides the body into sections with each divided
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Within this slide the ability to calculate the Parkland formula could be considered high because it requires the learner to take multiple steps. First, the learner must figure out the TBSA percentage of burns to the patient. Second, they must figure out the patient’s weight in kilograms, not pounds. Then, they must plug the numbers into the given formula and find the answer, hopefully using a calculator to decrease risk of error. Once they know the total amount of fluid to be given the learner then must further divide that number several more times. First the learner must divide the total number in half and give that amount over the remaining eight hours since the patient was burned. Finally, with the remaining amount of fluid the learner must divide that number by 16 to figure out how much fluid the patient will get every hour over the remaining 24 hours since they were burned. As you can see, it could be a rather challenging process for a novice or someone who is not great with math and time concepts. One suggestion I would have for Cottrell, to aid the learning process for those who are not great with math and time concepts is to add another slide after slide 8 that shows a visual example of how this formula is computed. This could assist with decreasing the cognitive load for those learners who are having difficulty …show more content…
This slide, in my opinion is the worst slide in the entire presentation. This slide is busy and I am not sure where I should be focusing, on the text or on the pictures. He does a nice job at presenting text along side the picture, but I am not certain it is necessary. Perhaps, this one time, placing the text and picture on two different slide would be appropriate? This would allow for the picture to be larger and easy to see and read and not make the text so cramped and small. Another solution would be to just show the picture while verbally explaining the text or information you want presented. This would support Mayer and Moreno’s (1998) studies in that learners typically do better when audio narration is used over audio and

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