Coca Cola Swot Analysis

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A macro environment is the condition that exists in the whole economy rather than in a particular sector or region. Macro environment factors include, Political, Economical, Technological, Legal, Social–cultural and international. An organisation would consider these factors as part of its environmental scanning to better understand the threats and opportunities of the business operation.
Social-cultural factors- The social-cultural dimensions of the environment consists of lifestyle, values and culture that characterises the society in which a business operates. For example, Muslim people because of their religion they don’t eat pork and they buy their meat from specific places because it’s supposed to be Halal food (which adheres to Islamic
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Change is inevitable in an organisation. So let us identify COCA-COLA’s strength and weaknesses a SWOT analysis which stands for strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats.
Brand Equity – Coca cola with its vast global presence and its unique brand identity is definitely one of the costliest brands with the highest brand equity as suggest by interbrand which awarded coca cola the highest brand equity in 2011.
Company valuation – coca cola is one of the most valuable companies in the world with a valuation of around 79.2 billion dollars.
Market – Coca cola has a vast global presence, it operates in around 200 countries across the world. Chance are wherever you go in the world your most likely to find coca cola in the market.
Largest market share – There is only two main competitors in the beverage sector which is Pepsi and Coca cola and Coca cola is the clear winner and hence has the largest market share.
Fantastic marketing strategies – Coca cola has always been a head in winning people’s hearts by sticking to the message whereas Pepsi has kept on changing its target which has been towards

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