Coca Cola Sales Promotion Techniques

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Register to read the introduction… The purpose of increasing industry visibility is to influence wholesale distributors and retailers the importance and information about a products’ placement and stocking decisions. Trade shows, sales promotional products and incentive discount programs are common promotions that are aimed to increase industry visibility. Product placement has become one of the most popular methods of increasing visibility with the growth of media avenues. Coca-Cola is often featured in shows, commercials, movies, internet videos, and other media sources. They have a wide assortment of “collectible” Coca-Cola items for consumers to purchase and thus affirming their beverage choice. (Coca-Cola …show more content…
These types of promotions focus on a short-term price reduction or even rebates that promote people to choose a certain brand over another. Some examples of this technique would be; using coupons, price deals, short-term refunds, cash rebates, frequent purchase programs, and special/bonus packs are all types of price-based consumer promotion. Coca-Cola frequently offers coupons and price deals to motivate sales. Rebates and cash refunds are not as likely to be used due to the price point and quick use of the Coca-Cola

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